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Christina Blacken

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What stories are we telling ourselves about the world? The New Quo founder Christina Blacken works with leaders to challenge the status quo through “narrative intelligence” – understanding the power of stories to change minds, break patterns, and make better, wiser decisions.

In this episode, host Shoshanna Hecht speaks with Christina about the stories we tell ourselves in good times and in crises (and whose stories get told, and from whose perspective). Christina also shares how she applied the lessons of narrative intelligence to her own story, professionally and personally, when the COVID-19 lockdowns took hold in March 2020.

Professionally, Christina’s flourishing in-person speaking and consulting business changed on a dime. Personally, she learned to navigate her own rising fear and trauma brought on by pandemic life by reframing her own stories in order to overcome those fears and move herself forward.

Here’s what some of the listeners have to say:

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