Staying the Course

I’m just returning (yesterday!) from a lovely trip to Portugal. My beloved has spent the [...]

When things go wrong.

You probably noticed I did some webinars last week :). Those of you who attended [...]


Oh heyyyyy Valentine’s Day! You again? You with your high unrealistic expectations, your sappy gushy [...]

There is Only One YOU

I happen to currently have a couple of clients working on writing a book. For [...]

Well, That Happened…

Ok, so even though I don’t believe in resolutions and broad sweeping goals for the [...]

2019, Here We Go!

Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Mine were busy and festive, and FAST. I [...]

Imposter Complex?

I’ve had a LOT of requests for support on ‘Imposter Complex.’ It was the big [...]

Thanksgiving Tsunami

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Well, here we are, at the time of [...]

Distraction/Shiny Object Syndrome

Laundry, dishes, social media – OH MY. Routinely seeing your your time evaporating by tasks [...]


Ever found yourself eyeing a particular goal – something that feels really BIG and really [...]