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Active Listening in a Time of Screaming (part 2)

In November of 2016, I wrote a piece called Active Listening in a Time of [...]

Ask for help? I’d rather not.

I was speaking with a friend, a professional woman married to another professional with two [...]


Just celebrated another year around the sun this week, and boy do I love my [...]


My therapist’s name was Pearl, and she truly was precious. Pearl recently died. I haven’t [...]

World Class Sweat-er

Did you see my last post? You know, the one where I talked about my [...]

Doing Hard Things

The beta round of my group, Level UP, is at its halfway mark. The group [...]

There Was a Wall of Anxiety . . .

  Literally. On a recent trip to Los Angeles. I totally appreciated that wall (I [...]

Don’t Get Your Heel Stuck in a Grate

One of my beloved best friends was in town recently and took me on a [...]


The Dangers of Black & White Thinking

“We sow the seeds of our future hells or happiness by the way we open [...]