Susan McPherson, Connector

Susan McPherson

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Susan McPherson is an author, founder, speaker and consultant, but ask anyone who knows her and they’ll all come up with the same title: “connector.” It was more than a little ironic, then, that her book, “The Lost Art of Connecting,” was published smack in the middle of the pandemic, at the height of social distancing, masks and faces in tiny zoom boxes. (The book came out on March 30, 2021, when most of us weren’t even vaccinated yet).

For Susan, who loves connecting with friends, connecting those friends, and then watching those connections bear fruit (sometimes in the form of further connections!), a pandemic book launch meant missing out on in-person events with her community, but a pandemic launch for this book meant bringing it into the world at a time when it was sorely needed. The art of connecting truly felt lost in those times, and Susan found new purpose in bringing connection back through her book events – and more than a little validation that her topic was actually one of vital importance.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht talks with Susan about and how a foundation of strong connections has supported her in making brave, bold decisions in her life, and how small, simple acts of thoughtfulness can help us build stronger, more meaningful relationships in our personal and professional lives.

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