Sunday Planning

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately for tips on how I’m managing my schedule. I get it. We’re still mired in a pandemic, needing to hang on to our work and life at home, while we get through the vaccine tunnel (getting there!). We’re trying EVERYTHING, desperately looking for new ways to get organized, find more time, build in structure, manage the whole household’s zoom schedules, and more more more.
Mapping out my week on Sunday is what’s working for me. By Sunday, I typically know how my client sessions are going to roll out for the week, so those appointments—along with anything else I know is happening for sure—get locked in to my planner as anchors. This gives me a clear sense of where to slot in time to support clients as needed between sessions, fit in some networking, and also where I will get focused work blocks for prepping content, creating workshops, working on my new life blend, and the like. I map all of those blocks out on Sunday, along with my fitness plans and also, lunch. (Anyone else forget to make time for lunch?)
In the past, I always used to plan a few days ahead. Now that I’m mapping out the whole week, I probably won’t ever quit. Well . . . check back with me in a few weeks. But I seriously used to dread and resist the week-ahead method of planning, and now I wonder why. It actually doesn’t take much time, and the benefits are huge. 

A of all) Planning this way is grounding and calming, and gives me energy and focus for the week ahead. I sleep better on Sunday nights, and I no longer have cases of the “Mondays.” I sleep so much better because I know exactly what I’m going to do when I wake up and my day gets rolling.

B of all) Sunday planning saves me from decision fatigue. If I don’t plan this way, I spend half of Monday wandering around my house, debating what I ought to be working on. Then I beat myself up for wasting time, which yeah, is in and of itself a ridiculous waste of time! I end up mentally and physically exhausted from all this extraneous effort.

Another kind of question I get a lot, and one that I already anticipate in response to this piece is, “Which planner do you use?” Or “Which planner is best?” And “Maybe I would be more productive if I had another/different/better planner?” Spoiler, it really doesn’t matter. Yes, I use a planner, but I’m not wedded to the kind, so my advice: just pick one and commit to using it. I’ve been loyal to different ones over time, but never for long, and right now I’m enjoying a Moleskine one. None of them are perfect, and they all only work as well as your system for using them does. For me right now, it’s my Sunday System. If it appeals, give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes!
Note: If you’re like me, and sometimes you want be sure that your Sunday is going to be a real slow down with zero pressure to do anything—even planning—try this at the end of your Friday work day instead! The key is to experiment, find what works for you, and make it your own.

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