Christina Wallace, Harvard Business Professor

Christina Wallace

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Christina Wallace led a hard-charging life before the pandemic. She was a multi-hyphenate’s multi-hyphenate, a musician-entrepreneur-marathon-runner-speaker-author-road-warrior who was flying a hundred thousand miles a year for work. Then she quit her job, because she had a new baby and it was time for a change. She was mapping out her book proposal and multiple income streams when the pandemic closed everything down – including her almost-income streams – and her world shrank into her Brooklyn apartment with just her, her baby, her husband, and her husband’s phone voice – “a separate being in our relationship” – all day, every day. She realized change was going to have to come from her, so she reached out about a long-shot dream job – and became the newest faculty member of Harvard Business School.

After a stint of zoom teaching, Christina and her family decamped for Boston and a life that, while still full and busy – had been designed on her terms, with a flourishing professional life at, she freely admits, “the first job that I have yet to cry at.” Now the mother of two, a three year old and a nine-month-old, Christina is the author of a new book, “The Portfolio Life,” and a passionate advocate for designing a life that makes you happy.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht talks to Christina about finding her way to her own Portfolio Life, and how we should all aspire to be happy in our own unique and personal version of success.

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