Chrissy Carter, Yoga Educator

Chrissy Carter

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Yoga educator Chrissy Carter left her high-intensity job as a trader on Wall Street to pursue her passion for wellness. Then in March 2020 her yoga practice suddenly switched from the studio to her home which became the place for everything else, too, including her husband and baby, as boundaries completely disappeared, along with her sense of control over her life.

Chrissy had always approached her teaching, her business, even her relationship asking, how do I simplify this? and turned to simplicity again in this moment, looking to rebuild her boundaries, refocus her practice and zero in on the one thing she could control: herself. As a “perfectionist and control freak” now learning to “go with the flow,” Chrissy worked to find that control in her practice, returning to the Yoga Sutras to remind her that the point of her practice was truly to practice – focusing on the effort and showing up every day with wholeheartedness, and also discipline.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” Chrissy examines this journey with host Shoshanna Hecht, and how when “simple” doesn’t mean easy, “practice” means showing up for yourself. 

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