Benish Shah, Attorney & Startup Executive

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Is your workplace toxic? Benish Shah is an in-demand lawyer and marketing executive, used to ambitious projects with punishing timelines, and she didn’t mind hard work. But in the wake of the pandemic, she started to question not just the work, but the workplaces. Was her work making the world a better place? And were her workplaces measuring up to that same standard?

Benish had noticed a pattern in workplace culture: big talk about diversity and inclusion, but little actual follow through for the employees who took the risk of showing up at work with their full selves. As a marketer, Benish recognized the pitch: Big talk about doing great work that’s valued. As a veteran of some of those workplaces, she recognized the con: gaslighting, HR doublespeak and a playing field that was never meant to be even.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht talks to Benish about how to recognize toxic workplaces, and what tools we can use to navigate them with open eyes, or get out.

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