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Morra Aarons-Mele is embracing anxiety – hers, which she is open about her struggles with, and yours, which she wants you not only to feel no shame about, but to embrace as your superpower. In her book “The Anxious Achiever” and her podcast of the same name, she explores what our anxiety might be trying to tell us and how, rather than limiting our lives, understanding and working with it can help free us. This knowledge was hard-won (of course) as Morra built her award-winning social impact agency in 2011 through its acquisition in 2021, moved with her family coast to coast and back (literally) and became a go-to voice on entrepreneurship and mental health (a LinkedIn “To 10 Voice,” in fact). In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht talks to Morra about how she really feels about entrepreneurship, social media FOMO, and how caring for your self mentally is a vital part of building the life you want – and deserve. 

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The Anxious Achiever: Turn Your Biggest Fears into Your Leadership
Hiding In The Bathroom


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