Jennifer Romolini, Author & Creative

Jennifer Romolini

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Jenn Romolini is a success story, with the glowing “get her life!” press coverage to prove it. As a journalist, editor, author, podcast creator and creative executive, Jenn has had the kind of successful career across media, tech and entertainment that is a testament to ambition, vision and hard work. But in her new memoir “Ambition Monster,” Jenn shares the story of just how hard the work was, and just how deep the ambition went as she looks backward on a life that was not always the stuff of glossy press coverage.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht talks to Jenn about the deeply personal story she tells about family, class, workaholism, and identity; how her ambition was both her survival mode and what gave her hope; and what it means to allow ourselves to tell our full stories – and be fully seen. 



Ambition Monster: A Memoir
Weird In a World That’s Not: A Career Guide for Misfits

Everything Is Fine (Jennifer Romolini & Kim France)
Stiffed (Crooked Media)

Extended Scenes (Substack)

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