Coaching Agreement

Commitment: You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your life. These changes will sometimes happen fast and sometimes not. Because change happens over time I am requesting a six-month commitment to the coaching process. This allows the coaching relationship to develop and be powerful, and when the going gets tough we stay in collaboration and work through to the other side. As your coach you have my word that I am 100% committed to you being powerful, successful and to having the life you want. After the initial period we can continue on a month-to-month basis.

Fees: Phone Sessions are $800 per month

This includes:
– 2 sessions per month @ 45 minutes each
– Unlimited email contact in between sessions

Payment: Payment is due on the first day of the month for all sessions that month. If you need to make other arrangements, please let me know. Otherwise, you will be prompted to setup your payment upon completion of this form.

Confidentiality: Our relationship is confidential. I will not share the contents of our coaching. You are free to share whatever you choose from our calls with anyone. I will not disclose that you are my client unless you specifically give me permission to or  request that I do so.

Procedure/Time: We will begin and end our sessions on time, in honor of our commitment. You will call me or arrive at your scheduled appointment time. If you are early, I may be completing another session. Please simply call back in a minute or two or wait patiently. If I haven’t heard from you 15 minutes after our scheduled time, I will call to check on you, but our end time will remain the same. The number in which to call me is 212-286-1805. If for some reason I will be away from that number for our scheduled time I will send you the number in which to call me via e-mail.

Scheduling: Please use my online scheduler ( to book appointments. The first two should be Discovery Sessions, subsequent sessions to book will be Monthly Sessions.

Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule, please give me 24 hours notice. I will do all I can to work with you within the same week. In our busy lives, each of us will occasionally need to move a session.

Missed Appointments: I reserve the time we schedule for you and consequently, if you miss an appointment without giving me 24 hours notice, I will have to charge you as if we had the appointment.

In Between Sessions: If you would like to share a success, a problem, or for homework accountability in non-coaching times, you may contact me via email ( or leave messages at 212-286-1805. Use either frequently to stay in touch.

Problems: If I ever say or do something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention. I promise that we will work together to resolve and learn from the issue and do what is necessary to have you be satisfied.

Coaching Notebook: Many of my clients have found it useful to keep a separate coaching notebook or file folder to keep notes of insights from our sessions, homework assignments, journaling, and a place to keep issues you want to remember to bring up in our sessions. If you prefer technology to pen and paper, I find Google Docs a great way to collaborate and share homework assignments, any problems you’re encountering, and for accountability.

Completing our Relationship: When you decide it is time to end our coaching relationship, please give me two weeks notice. This will give us time to capture your learning and strategize what is next in your life.

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