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Bridget Todd

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Who gets to have an opinion about technology? Whose perspectives are invited into these conversations – and who is ignored, downplayed or written out completely? Bridget Todd was fed up with the gatekeeping around technology – how it was discussed, who were the default leaders confidently making pronouncements and predictions, whose stories weren’t being told – so she started a podcast, “There Are No Girls On The Internet,” to explore the many ways in which marginalized voices shape technology and digital culture. Fast forward and her podcast has been showered with awards and critical acclaim, and Bridget is a leading voice on technology and culture.
In this episode of “Your New Life Blend” she joins host Shoshanna Hecht to discuss her winding journey through the minefields of the media industry to get here (pour one out for whatever we thought we knew about media back in 2012), the joys and perils of entrepreneurship vs. a steady paycheck, and how important it is to our own identities to know that we are qualified to speak about the systems and industries that affect our lives. 
We are so thrilled to be back with this amazing conversation with Bridget Todd, an amazing trailblazer and thinker as “Your New Life Blend” returns after our summer hiatus!


There Are No Girls On The Internet
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