Laundry building up?
Crumbs everywhere?
Homework Hassles?
Device Debacles?

We’re here to help you navigate your way to resolution.

Learn these SIMPLE life skills you can use at home,
at work, and with friends & family across the miles!

Join us for a webinar:
Keeping the Peace
(Pandemic Edition)
Wednesday, September 23
at 8pm



Dara Kessler, Certified Parent Educator

Dara is certified as a Parent Educator with the Parent Encouragement Program (, and with Positive Discipline ( and is currently pursuing a Parent Coaching certificate with The Jai Institute for Parenting ( Dara supports parents to generate families steeped in cooperation, harmony and joy.

Shoshanna Hecht, Executive and Personal Coach

Through Shoshanna’s years of success helping people achieve goals across a variety of areas, she develops a unique step-by-step program for each client to maximize their self-clarification and empowerment. Her 10+ years of work as a therapist makes her outstandingly qualified to help you break through barriers and jump-start out of inertia.